SBLOC Estimator*

STEP 1 Will this SBLOC be used to pay off or satisfy a non-purpose margin or securities backed loan held at another financial institution?**
STEP 2 Value Of Investment Portfolio
($75,000 minimum SBLOC line amount)
STEP 3 Calculate Using:
STEP 4 Enter amounts for each Asset Class/Type
Asset Class/Type Advance Rate Estimated

Please adjust the “Percentage” entries for the asset class/type categories so that the percentages sum to 100%.
Please adjust the "Amount in Dollars ($) From Investment Portfolio” entries for the asset class/type categories so that the amounts sum to equal the amount entered for the Value of the Portfolio.
Estimated Commitment Amount

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*The SBLOC Estimator tool does not, in any way, represent an extension of a loan offer.
**A Securities Backed Line of Credit cannot be used to pay off a margin loan that was used to purchase securities.
***Some Asset Classes/Types may not be used as collateral, including: UIT's, private placements, hedge funds, bonds below investment grade, qualified assets, etc.
The Estimated Commitment Amount is equal to 95% of the total calculated value to account for market fluctuation.