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Deposit Applications & More

Individual/Joint CAA  Application
Trust CAA  Application
Entity CAA  Application 

Here are forms that you may find useful in the account opening process.

Corporate Resolution of Authority
Limited Liability Resolution of Authority
Partnerships Resolution of Authority
Power of Attorney 
Trust Certification Form - Deposit Accounts

Wire Transfer Agreement Information 

If you have any questions, please call us at 866.792.5410 or email us at

To help maintain the security of your financial information, please do not include your account number or Social Security number in email correspondence. 

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Account Opening 

Information needed to open an account

  1. Fully completed, signed application found above or from SEI's Business Builder in the Forms Library.
  2. Documentation as outlined in the Documentation Matrix located within the entity account application.
NOTE:  Incomplete applications or applications sent without proper documentation will delay processing. If you are contacted during the account opening process for further verification of your client’s information, please utilize the List of Approved Documents for items that are acceptable.

or fax completed application and documentation to:

SEI Private Trust Company
Attn:  Advisor Network (Service Team)
PO Box 1098
Oaks, PA  19456-9907
Fax: 610.676.1021

Total amount of time for a CAA account to be opened after SEI receives the completed, signed, and documented application – 3 business days.

Online Account Access:  Your client's user ID for online account access is provided in the Welcome Kit.  If this is your client's first account being serviced by The Bancorp Bank, N.A., the password will be sent by email, provided an email address was included on the application; otherwise, the password will arrive separately by U.S. mail.

If your client currently has another account being serviced by The Bancorp Bank, N.A., they will log on to our website at with the same user ID and password used for the other account. The other account may be with SEI Cash Access or another organization which offers banking services through The Bancorp Bank, N.A. The client will not receive new login credentials for this account nor will they be prompted to change the password.

Checks and Debit Cards:  If checks and/or debit cards were chosen at the time of application, they will arrive in the mail within 7-14 business days.  Please note that The Bancorp Bank provides free standard style check orders and reorders (single or duplicate checks). If a client would like to order another type of check, The Bancorp Bank , N.A. will provide a $15 courtesy discount towards the order.



SEI CAA Application Timeline


This diagram represents the typical steps and timeframes for processing Individual/Joint and Revocable Trust applications.  Based on the unique circumstances of each lending application, actual timeframes may vary.

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