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As SEI transitions to its SEI Wealth Platform, there will be some changes taking place in the processing of CAA monthly sweeps and overdrafts. The SEI Wealth Platform conversion will not impact how the CAA functions, but will change the way funds are generated for monthly sweeps and overdrafts. The new processes are explained below and also included in our SEI Wealth Platform CAA Applications. Please note that if you are applying for a Securities-Backed Line of Credit (SBLOC) for an SEI Wealth Platform client, you may continue to use the SBLOC applications on the Applications & Forms page of this website.

Please note: This information and the applications below are only to be utilized if your firm has migrated to SEI's Wealth Platform. To access the non-SEI Wealth Platform applications and all forms please click here.

Sweeps and Target Balances


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SEI Wealth Platform CAA Applications


Sweeps and Target Balances

Funds will be swept from SEI to fund your client’s CAA on the first business day after it is opened. This will occur regardless of whether additional deposits or instructions are included with the application (Please note that checks sent in within the first 30 days of account opening may be subject to extended holds, and we encourage the initial account funding to follow our standard process). The monthly sweep will take place on the 20th of each month (or the first business day thereafter) to reach the Target Minimum or Target Maximum balance elected on the CAA Application. If a Target Minimum balance for the CAA is not designated, it will be set at $5,000. Designating a Target Maximum is optional.

The automatic sweep to the CAA will be satisfied from the linked SEI Private Trust Company (SPTC) account in the following order:

  1. Money Market assets in the linked SPTC account (excludes DCA, Asset Transit and Client Directed Portfolios)
  2. Additional assets (collected using the default raise cash method on the linked SPTC account)

Please note:

  • Non-mutual fund assets (i.e., stocks and bonds) with allocations in a strategy may be liquidated to satisfy the automatic target balance.
  • When an account has multiple portfolios, the portfolio with a strategy assigned to it will be accessed to raise cash. If no strategy exists, cash will be raised via the default non-strategy raise cash method. In both instances, the portfolio with the highest market value will be accessed.
  • DCA, Asset Transit and Client Directed Portfolios are excluded from the monthly sweep.
  • Contact your Financial Professional for details regarding how cash will be raised for your specific account.

The automatic sweep to the linked SPTC account from the CAA will be credited in the following manner:

Standard Account with One Portfolio

Standard Managed Account with Overlay

Multiple Capital Portfolios

Funds will be credited to the portfolio

Funds will be credited to transitory cash portfolio

Funds will be credited to the portfolio with the largest existing cash position

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Checks and bill-pay items presented for payment that exceed the amount of available funds in the CAA will overdraft the account. Payment will be satisfied as described below. ATM withdrawals, debit card point-of-sale purchases, outgoing wire transfer requests and outgoing ACH transfer requests will not overdraft CAA accounts, as they will be declined at the time they are requested if the account does not hold sufficient funds.

CAA overdrafts will be satisfied from your client’s various accounts in the following order:

  1. Securities Backed Line of Credit, if applicable
  2. Money Market assets in the linked SPTC account (includes DCA/Holding Money Markets)

Please note that mutual funds or other assets held at SEI will not be liquidated to satisfy an overdraft.

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Contact Information

CAA Financial Professional Help Line: 866-792-5410

CAA Email Support:*

For questions or concerns with an SPTC account, SEI Wealth Platform portfolios and overlays, any investment, funds issues, money market or allocation issues, please contact SEI Investments at 1-800-734-1003.

*To help maintain the security of your financial information, please do not include your account number or Social Security number in email correspondence.

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SEI Wealth Platform CAA Applications

SEI Wealth Platform Indiv/Joint CAA app

SEI Wealth Platform Trust CAA app

SEI Wealth Platform Entity CAA app


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